Saturday, November 28, 2009

Larry's Steakhouse - Batavia, NY

Today my hubby and I ate a late lunch at Larry's Steakhouse.  We have only eaten there once before at dinner time and decided to try out lunch.  We arrived around 2:00 PM and found only one other table occupied with three people.  We were greeted by Cheryl, our server, immediately and seated at a table near a window.  She gave us our menus, told us about the soups available, and shared that we could order from any portion of the menu (lunch or dinner) and took our drink orders.  I prefer to drink unsweetened iced tea, but that was unavailable.  I ordered a Diet Pepsi ($2) and he ordered iced water (which came with a slice of lemon that he promptly removed - he hates lemon anywhere near his water).  The drinks were delivered promptly and we both decided to order from the lunch menu.

I ordered the Portabella & Steak wrap ($8.99) and he the Philly Steak ($8.99).  The food came out in a reasonable amount of time and looked quite nice.  The portions were just right - enough to fill but not overfill.  A decent handful of battered french fries cooked perfectly and a crisp dill pickle spear rounded out the plate.  The wrap had bite-size pieces of very good steak throughout.  The meat was done just right - a bit of pink in the middle and very juicy.  Also inside the wrap was romaine lettuce, diced portabella mushrooms, diced tomatoes, a small bit of grilled onion and I think there was a tiny bit of cheese in there.  The steak was very lightly seasoned - if seasoned at all - but was great just as it was.  The flour tortilla was nice and fresh and was bursting with the filling.  It was hard to keep the contents inside of the shell and much escaped out the back even though both halves were held together with a toothpick.  Of course, I think it is part of the fun losing the filling so you can scoop it up later.  The fries were excellent and a good compliment to the wrap.  

His sandwich came on a long roll (typical for at Philly Steak sandwich) and the steak was the same that was in my wrap.  He enjoyed the sandwich and said he would definitely consider ordering it next time we stopped by Larry's.  Cheryl was good about refilling our beverages, which as you will find is much appreciated - especially by my hubby.  Forget to refill his drink and you may just get skimped on the tip. 

By the time our food came to the table, another party of two was seated and placing their food order.  We had no room for dessert and Cheryl promptly gave us our bill.  The total including tax ($1.60) was $21.58.  Overall a very good meal at a fair price and we will definitely return to Larry's Steakhouse.  We forgot to check the menu to see if there was anything appealing to our son if we should bring him along next time.  Larry's is rather small as you can see on the bottom of the picture above.  The upper-left portion of the picture is of a small party room they have which seemed very nice for a large family gathering or bridal shower.  They have a seating area outside to be used in nicer weather and there were at least three televisions with the same college football game on.  The music in the background was pleasant and not too loud and the restaurant was tastefully decorated for Christmas.

Overall, I give this most recent visit to Larry's Steakhouse in Batavia, NY  --------> 4 1/2 out of 5 taste buds.

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